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Q: What is the process?
A: It all depends on the package you choose…

STYLED SESSION: The styled sessions start with a questionnaire that you fill out which allows me to understand what you enjoy and what is important to you or your family. I will come up with a concept that will photograph well and we will then have a telephonic consultation to discuss ideas further. Once we have a concept or theme finalised we will organise all details and advise you about what to wear and wardrobe options. The photo session is usually scheduled a week later and hair and make- up styling takes an hour and the photo session takes between one and two hours.

CLASSIC SESSION: Once you have booked a classic session, you will receive information about how to prepare for your session and what to wear. The photo session lasts one  hour and includes one dark and one light backdrop / background.

BE’YOU’TIFUL SESSION: Before the session we will let you know what to expect and what to bring along to the session. The style makeover lasts two hours and is scheduled for the morning and the photo session is scheduled for the afternoon and lasts two hours.

Q: When are you available?

A: Portrait sessions are scheduled from Tuesday to Saturday. If your session is on location and outdoors, your session will take place around sunset to take advantage of the golden light.

Q: Where do sessions take place? 

A: They can take place at the studio or on location. Choosing a location for your photo session is a very important component of the session. The location of the shoot provides the creative inspiration for the entire session and lighting, permissions, and accessibility are all considerations. Locations can include your home, a beach, a park or any place that has sentimental meaning for you.

Q: I am not experienced being in front of the camera – I don’t know what to do or how to move. Will you direct me?

A: Yes I will I will guide you and position you in the most flattering light and poses. In the case of family sessions,  the principle is the same but the session is more relaxed and natural and I focus on the interactions between you in the most flattering way.

Q: I am worried that my kids won’t be co-operative at the session. Is there anything I can do to make the session run smoothly?

A: Please do not worry about this – kids will be kids and my suggestions to parents is to let them be. When working with children, they dictate the session and I work along with them to make the session a fun experience that they enjoy.

Q: What does basic retouching include?

A: All photographs go through a post processing stage where basic retouching is done. This includes cropping, color corrections and removal of temporary blemishes.

Q: When can I see my photographs?

A: Edited photographs are completed three weeks from the date of your session.

Q: When do I pay for my session?

A: There is a 30% retainer fee on booking and the balance is due on the day of your session.

Q: If I order products how long will it take till completion?

A: Photo books take up to 6 weeks (a proof for your book is drafted and once you give approval it goes printing), canvases up to 4 weeks and prints up to two weeks.

Q: Do you have a referral program?

A: If you were happy with our service, we would love you to tell others about your wonderful experience and beautiful photographs. As a gesture of appreciation you will get an additional 8×10 inch print from your previous or future photo session. Please make sure the client (who books the session) lets us know they are coming through by your referral.

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