‘There are only two types of people in the world, the ones who entertain and the ones who observe’

My favourite colour is red, it is what first see and what I am always first drawn to when I enter a store or anywhere for that matter. I have a red kitchen but I never wear red – I did try a few times but it attracts more attention than what I am comfortable with. I most definitely fall into the observer category – am happy watching and noticing things, that not everybody does and am drawn to photographing people so the circus was always a huge visual feast for me. When I think of the circus, what comes to mind are the incredible performers and the passion that they have to focus on one unique talent and put on a brave face, smile and face their audience, no matter what else may be going on. I saw a sad clown out behind a tent when I was younger and then saw him perform a little while later… I think I must have spent the entire performance concentrating on spotting any give-away visual clues, but if I had not seen him before, would never have known.

This is what I imagine running away to the circus would be like – incredibly exhilarating but also determinedly focused with lots of personal sacrifices, uncertainty and sometimes sadness too. Traditional circus colours are blue red and yellow but that is just far too many primary colours at once for me! I decided to rather use red with neutrals grey, black and white which added to the vintage feel and keeps the focus on the model.

vintagecircus18 vintagecircus34jpg vintagecircus10 vintagecircus2 vintagecircus13 vintagecircus5jpg vintagecircus8 vintagecircus11 vintagecircus16 vintagecircus12 vintagecircus14 vintagecircus17 vintagecircus3 vintagecircus15 blog vintagecircus9 vintagecircus6 vintagecircus7 vintagecircus19


Thank you to everyone who contributed and was involved with the photo shoot!


Hair and make-up:  Carmen Wing ( 072 101 8061)


Turning Point Fairy Shop –   http://www.turningpoint.co.za/

Rubyolive Tutus – http://rubyolivetutu.weebly.com/ 

Models: Alexia Schoeman and Kyla Jacobs from Kool Kids Casting Club – http://www.sakidsonthego.com/koolkidscasting#.Ucld85zwobg

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