Superhero fun in the forest

Remember when you thought the world was yours to conquer and you could do anything at all… I was delighted to do a styled location session at Deer Park for brother and sister Jonny and Olive a few weeks back. I first saw the gorgeous superhero capes and masks at Kamersvol Geskenke and have been wanting to use them in a photo session ever since. Thank you to Emma from Lula by Emma who loaned me the superhero attire for my superhero models. ¬†Great fun was had by all, playing and chilling out at the base camp!


Jonny Olive 1

Jonny Olive 11jpg

 Jonny Olive 5

Jonny Olive 2

Jonny Olive 3

Jonny Olive 12jpg

Jonny Olive 9jpg

Jonny Olive 6

Jonny Olive 8

Jonny Olive 10jpg

Jonny Olive 4


Jonny Olive 7


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